Language(!): Russian/English
How to use the hand converter?

1. Take a single hand history from one of our supported sites.
2. Copy said hand history into the "input" box.
3. Set your options.
4. Hit "Convert Hand".
5. Copy the text from the "output" box into your post or somesuch.

But what do the options mean?

Let's see. forums gives you card symbols and BBcode formatting. Other Forums gives you BBcode formatting. HTML gives you HTML formatting. Plaintext gives you no formatting, just line breaks.

Identify Yourself As:
You're the protagonist of this little story, so your default alias is Hero. If you want to be known as something different, type it in the box.

Highlight all bets:
In a multihanded pot, it can be hard to pick out the players who are doing the betting and raising. This puts every bet and raise in red text.

Condense 1st Round:
All folds are condensed to save on space and enhance readability.

Side-pot Details:
This is pintly useful for PL and NL hands where 15,000 people go all in on every street. This'll just show you how much was contested by who.

Hide Your Cards & Identity:
Sometimes, you want to give a little quiz, or highlight an opponent's play instead of your own. With this option on, no one will know what seat you were.

Converter Link:
It's an unintrusive world wide interweb sort of link to the converter. Good for prosletyzing.

Mark Important Stacks:
For tourney and NL or PL games, stacks are colored differently depending on whether an opponent saw the flop and/or saw the showdown.

Show Results:
Nothing ruins a good discussion like revealing the ending. Civilization will end if you include results.

Include Opponent Aliases:
If you want to designate a Villain, a Fish or a I HATE THIS GUY, just type in his username (as it appears in the hand history) in the top box, and put your nickname for him in the bottom box. You can do this for up to four opponents per hand. Please note: the username is case sensitive